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As President of Conestoga Boys Lacrosse Booster Club I would like to thank Fred J. Toroni and Company Certified Public Accountants for all their assistance with establishing our organization as a 501 (c) (3). Our organization solicited Fred's advice and expertise to guide us though the complicated task of filing all the necessary forms to become a 501 (c) (3). One of our primary goals was to expedite the process in order to have the IRS approval letter in time for our spring season. Fred quickly identified the import factors to consider, assisted with completing all necessary forms and led us through every step of the filing process. We could not have met our goal without Fred's superior knowledge of the process and focus on client service.

All the best,

Kevin Rudd 

Recently the Conestoga Boys Lacrosse Booster Club became a tax exempt, non-profit 501(c) (3) organization. This project would not have been completed without the help and guidance of Fred J. Toroni and Company, Certified Public Accountants.

Fred guided us through all of the steps that were required including filing Form 1023, Application for Recognition of Exemption Under Section 501 (c) (3), and form 990 N (tax filing). His experience and expertise made this lengthy process work with an organization like ours and the volunteers with "day jobs" that keep us all busy. Fred not only answered all of our questions but would also reel us in to make sure that the job was being done correctly and the project got completed.

If you are contemplating becoming a tax exempt non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, I would strongly recommend working with Fred. He is extremely qualified. As a father himself, he has been involved in all types of organizations and he understands how they operate. Finally, and most importantly, he knows what it takes to get it done properly and keep it from falling out of compliance.

Peter Zonino 
President and Treasurer - Conestoga Boys Lacrosse Booster Club. 

As treasurer, for the Valley Forge Elementary School PTO, I have worked with Fred J. Toroni and Company, Certified Public Accountants, for the past two years. I really appreciate his patience and understanding. He and his staff always treat us with courteousness and professionalism. We are never made to feel as though any question is insignificant. In fact, they are answered with a promptness and diligence rarely found these days. I wholeheartedly recommend any non-profit organization to seek out his services. His willingness to go the extra mile help make tax filings a breeze!

Natalie Sudall 

Our soccer clubs (West Chester United Soccer Club & Penn Fusion) have utilized Fred J Toroni and Company, Certified Public Accountants for tax purposes, financial advice, and policy and compliance for a 501(c)-3 organizations for the last 5 years. We have found Fred to be very responsive to any of our inquiries, advice or questions that may arise. Having a dependable, reliable accountant is very important to our soccer clubs. He is never too busy to answer questions, and is very good at explaining complicated tax issues. Most accountants are good at putting numbers together for taxes, but Fred goes beyond just number crunching. He also provides us periodic updates on tax laws, suggests ways to improve our operation, and ensures we are always proactive in compliance with updated policies throughout the year. Fred has proven to be the most thorough and knowledgeable tax accountant I have worked with over the last 20 years in support of our soccer clubs. He has an excellent understanding of our soccer clubs, and tax needs as he has many years experience with nonprofit organizations. It has been a pleasure having someone reliable with which to entrust such critical matters of our clubs. I would recommend Fred J Toroni and Company, Certified Public Accountants to anyone seeking quality accountant services. I expect to enjoy many more years of his timely and informed services in support of our soccer clubs.

Gary Bevilacqua 
Board Member 
West Chester United Soccer Club (WCUSC) & Penn Fusion Soccer Academy 


Thank you so much all you hard work and patience and understanding. You are a big part of making my job and experience wonderful. I know we'll have long and lasting business relationship. Thank you for being you.

D and J 

Bonnie Garzarella, CPA and Fred J. Toroni, CPA from Fred J. Toroni and Company, Certified Public Accountants, are CPA's that get it; they understand that, while their immediate goals are to provide accurate financial statements and use all legal avenues to minimize the tax burden of their Business Owner clients, they also understand the longer term goal to protect the value of their clients' businesses so the owners can receive the greatest return when they decide to leave the business and use this investment as part of their retirement funding. Bonnie and Fred are ethical, accurate and great counsel for maximizing today's return for their business clients while protecting the long-term investment and their clients' futures.

My name is Art Bradshaw, and I have been involved in helping business owners structure their business for growth and increased value through our consulting and business brokerage services, and I know the importance of having a great CPA as part of the business team.

Art Bradshaw MBA, Partner 
Esus Management Consulting 

The officers of the Berwyn Devon Business and Professional Association would like to recommend Fred Toroni, CPA for his professionalism and dedication in assisting our Association. Fred reached out to our organization and informed us of IRS changes that would adversely affect us if we didn't make some adjustments. By keeping us ahead of the changes, our organization can continue to serve our community and not have to worry if we are in compliance. He serves as a great resource for us and a sounding board for ideas. 

Steve Lake 
Berwyn Devon Business and Professional Association 


I have had the distinct pleasure of working with you for the past 17 years as our family accountant. During this time I have developed a trust and confidence in you that goes beyond an account/customer relationship. 

Your services go above and beyond and you're always there when needed for family business or just good sound financial advice. The things that are most important to me in life are my family, my health, my friends, and the person that protects my money...FRED TORONI! 

Thank you for being a part of my family's financial success. 


Tim Sabean 
Program Director of the Howard Stern Channels/SiriusXM Radio 

Our organization has used Fred J. Toroni & Company for tax purposes and financial advice for ten years. During that time, we have found the entire organization to be very professional, caring and thorough in their work. As a 501 (c)(3) organization, we have specific needs in our accounting. Fred's expertise has been very valuable in helping us to comply with all tax laws and accounting policies. What we have found most impressive however is that Fred and his organization are easy to contact by both phone and e-mail. They are able to quickly and professionally answer questions and help us solve problems. 

Biff Sturla 
Lower Merion Soccer Club 

I first met Fred Toroni in 1990, and he has been my accountant ever since that time. After starting my own law practice in 1987, I retained the services of several accounting firms before meeting Fred. Since neither of those prior firms were attentive to my particular needs, it was very fortuitous when I met Fred Toroni after moving my practice to Chester County. 

Not only does Fred Toroni provide me with excellent accounting services, he has also served as a counselor and an advisor in the financial operations of my law practice. I can count on Fred Toroni to be available on short notice to answer questions I may have regarding the day to day financial decisions I need to make or the long term issues that have come up year to year in running a small business. 

I can honestly credit Fred Toroni's accounting services and professional advice to be a crucial factor in my financial success as a lawyer. The fact that I have never been audited by any taxing authority (knock on wood) in the last eighteen years only leads me to believe that I have gotten the best accounting advice anyone could expect. I highly recommend Fred Toroni for any individual or small business who is making a decision in selecting an accountant. 

Daniel Monahan 
Exton, PA 

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